Restroom Diaries — Ladies Room

Awkward and always uncomfortable is walking into the ladies room w/2stalls and someone is in there dropping a deuce… yes, yes, us ladies poo. Sorry to break it to ya fellas…

This makes me react in 2 ways. One, holding my breath. Two, I feel rushed. Like I need to GET OUT and give the lady some peace and quiet!

Never a good time.

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3 Responses to Restroom Diaries — Ladies Room

  1. Anonymous says:

    I do one of three things when others have to drop deuces at the same time as me…

    One: I am silent as I can possibly be.
    Two: I cough to let them know I’m there.
    Three: I make a you turn and wait a long time.

    Whichever option I choose is dependent on how clogged my nostrils get directly after opening the bathroom door.

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