A Breath of Fresh Air


As I walk into the bright, sunlit bathroom the other day enjoying life with a smile on my face, I was blindsided with an unforgiving whiff of baked, stale, poop essence from the inconsiderate gentleman who had previously defecated.

I thought to myself, after stuffing the bottom half of my face into the top of my shirt to form some sort of gas mask, that this window is made for sunlight and fresh air. If you take a stinky ass shit in the stall against a wall with a window in it then open that damn window for some fresh air… Now, not only do I have to run like a madman 5 steps to reach this window, I have almost no remaining air left and I have to pee. I am stuck, confused, and lost, and I may not make it out alive.

My friends, I almost died. I want my teddy bear…


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One Response to A Breath of Fresh Air

  1. Anonymous says:

    You have a window?! I’m envious! All I gots is a can of freshness… And it’s not making anything fresh. You can’t cover stink! o.O

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