It’s not mine!

It’s like being hit in the face. I walked into the ladies room and someone blew that spot up! I hate this. But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do… What makes this worst is when someone walks in after me. I feel like they think that I am causing that atrocity! I cannot have that put on me. Or know that someone might think that of me! It’s not mine!

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Cell phones…

I’m sure you all have experienced this, or maybe you do it.

What is the deal with answering/talking on your cell phones while you’re on the potty?! Can that person NOT wait so you can handle your business? Is this a method of multitasking? Boundaries people! BOUNDARIES!

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Toilet Paper Dilemma

Earlier, a roll of tp was on the floor. I avoided that stall. And any other time, would had instantly just thrown it in the trash.

So, I went back in there, and that roll of tp was picked up, and placed where it would be a “usable” product.

The only thing I can think of is GEEEERRRMS! WHO would preserve such a contaminated product?! Do you people NOT have standards? I learned a lot about the ladies from this particular situation. And that I’m an extreme germaphobe.

Avoided the stall again. I guess the right thing to do would be to toss the roll.




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From Barcellona :-)

toilet icon 058

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Restroom Diaries — Ladies Room

Awkward and always uncomfortable is walking into the ladies room w/2stalls and someone is in there dropping a deuce… yes, yes, us ladies poo. Sorry to break it to ya fellas…

This makes me react in 2 ways. One, holding my breath. Two, I feel rushed. Like I need to GET OUT and give the lady some peace and quiet!

Never a good time.

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Welcome to Restroom Diaries.

All things that destroy or enlighten your potty experience.

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